Eight mistakes you make weighing yourself

Losing weight is hard, and the worst part is working so hard and denying yourself indulgent moments in the hopes that the numbers on the scales go down.

In the past I was someone who never believed in scales because I always thought that if I didn’t know how much I weighed then that number couldn’t hurt me. Even when I was at the doctors I use get them to do “a blind” weigh in and had them never tell me my weight.

But now I’ve used scales on and off for the last couple of years, and at the moment I weigh myself weekly. But the other week I was weighed three times in one day and noticed something weird…

So the scales I was weighed on were mine, the doctors and my mothers. The difference between my scales and the doctors was +2.5lbs and the difference between my scales and my mothers was -12lbs – that’s nearly a stone! I was fascinated by this discrepancy and did some googling and found loads of mistakes people make when weight themselves, including this…

1. You’re using different scales

Not all scales are created the same – for an accurate account of your weight loss it’s best to use the same set of scales every time you weigh yourself.

The reason scales can differ like this is because of the way they’re calibrated. So even if your scales aren’t calibrated perfectly, you’ll still get an accurate representation of your weight loss.

This means if you weigh yourself on your bathroom scales DON’T weigh yourself again at the gym.

2. You’re wearing clothes

Clothes can add up to 10lbs of weight on the scales. It’s best to wear as little clothing as possible when you step onto them – preferably something light weight.

3. You’re weighing yourself at night

After a entire day of meals (and maybe snacking) it’s natural for your body weight to fluctuate.

It’s best to weight yourself first thing in the morning, after your body has had a full night to digest your food. This will give the most accurate number to correlate with the hard work you’re putting in!

4. You’re weighing yourself everyday

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight (if only it did!). Generally, the food you eat and the activities you do will all affect day-to-day fluctuations.

Weighing yourself daily has also been known to cause obsessive behaviour, which is why it’s best to weigh yourself once a week.

5. You’re jumping on the scales after a workout

It can be normal to see up to a 2lbs loss of water weight after a session at the gym. Don’t mistake this for weight loss.

To see actual results after a workout, give your body the night to recover and weigh yourself in the morning.

6. Your scales are on the carpet

Make sure that your scales are on a solid surface, like tiles or a hardwood floor for a more accurate reading.

7. It’s that time of the month

Sometimes it sucks being a girl, during certain days of the month we can gain between 2 to 8lbs during our cycle.

The good news is that it’s just water weight and will only stick around for a few days. Typically, the weight will show two days before the red demon appears and your weight should return to normal within the week.

Of course it’s optional whether you decide to weigh yourself during this time.

8. You’re weighing yourself after a shower

If part of your daily routine, morning or evening involves jumping in the shower and then weighing yourself – STOP!

Remember your skin is the largest organ and absorbs water easily. During a shower (or swim) the human body can absorb 1 to 3 cups of water, increasing your weight by a few pounds.

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