Thanks: But you don’t get to have an option about what I eat

The other night I got to thinking and felt like I should do a follow up post to my last regarding the sugar tax levy. Some might read that post and think this girl is on a tangent about something that doesn’t affect me, and has little to do about weight loss.

Now, the reason something as minor as taking a full sugar soda option off a menu bothers me as much as it does is because my ENTIRE life people have tried to control what I eat because I’m overweight. And, weirdly when I say people, I’m NOT talking about my parents. They’ve always been very supportive of me and my weight loss.

I’ve mentioned that MC4r is hereditary, I got it from my mother who found out she had the condition the same time as me and that was when she was in her 50s. My mum grew up with a tall and skinny older sister and a TWIN brother who is also tall and skinny, while my mother is not that. So, when I started to gain weight around the age of six, people judged my mother and thought it was okay to tell her how to be a parent.

Due to the fact that my mother had a weight problem most of her life, she cooks healthy food, it’s very rare we we eat bad food in our home. So, growing up if an adult saw he eating chocolate or a bag of crisps they thought it was okay to say things to my mum like: “Are you sure she should be eating that?”

Like somehow me eating one KitKat is bad in comparison to the seven your child has eaten, who will then refuse to eat their dinner. Also when I say seven I’m not exaggerating because that was my cousin, she was tall, she was skinny and whenever she was with her dad (my uncle) she lived on chocolate and never ate her meals – but because she was skinny it was OKAY.

This was always happening to me growing up and eventually it led to me secret snacking and this eventually developed into a psychological disorder where I wouldn’t eat in front of people. If I was out with friends and we were at restaurants I wouldn’t order food because I thought people would judge the fat girl for eating food. I always felt like eyes were on me and judging me in food related settings.

I still don’t like walking into fast food restaurants because of their association with weight related disorders and I often find myself asking why? But I know why. It’s because of every person who EVER thought they could have an opinion about what I eat.

I need to say this for every fat girl out there…

Just because you’re skinny and can eat whatever you want doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. It doesn’t mean you are healthy and that you’re some expert in the field of clean eating. And it definitely doesn’t mean you can have an opinion about MY body.

This is why, when the government push stupid incentives on the country like the sugar tax levy, apps and whatever else they up their sleeve I get mad. I don’t like being told by anyone, especially hypocrites (because the government aren’t exactly doing a good job at following their own rules lately) what my body needs. I know what body better than you do, I’ve lived with it for 26 years and counting.

On this blog you know that I encourage healthy eating and exercise but guess what my friend, you are allowed to have that full sugar soda if you want it. Have that slice of cake or that doughnut – it’s your body. You are allowed to treat yourself, life is short. Nobody has the right to tell you that you can’t have a full sugar coke, the government and their stupid incentives may charge you more for it but you’re allowed to drink it.

I hoping this post cleared a few things up. I feel like I went on another tangent but I’ve tried to express why government incentives bother me so much, and simply it’s because all my life people have thought it’s okay to tell me how to lose weight, or have an opinion about my body because I’m overweight. I spent more than 20 years listening to it and I’ve had enough.

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