Mental Health: Learning from negative emotions

Every now and then I like to steer away from MC4r and talk about mental health. A persons weight can have a massive impact on their mental health, and it’s reflected in almost everything we see.

Recently I found myself in a strange place, and decided to reflect on it. One of the most googled “how to” searches is “how to lose weight” and I’ve spoked about this on my blog before.

Earlier this week I had a really body positive moment where I looked at myself in the mirror and was like “you know what, I look good!” And it was a really amazing moment, it was like finding peace and enlightenment — like the thing I had been search for all these years, I found it.

And yet, a couple hours later entire mind set had changed. I once again felt that pit in my stomach, the insecurity, the hate, everything that led me to google those words.

Only this time I thought about why I googled them. Why was that my go to response to those feelings? I had to be honest with myself in that moment if I ever wanted to break such a toxic cycle. Those words were like a comfort blanket, they made me feel like I was being proactive in searching for a solution without actually being proactive.

Really what I should be doing in those moments is BE proactive, channel those feelings into healthier outlets like yoga or a small workout. Personally I’m glad I’ve come to this realisation, and I’m hoping next time it happens I will be more proactive in my response.

Really it’s just about creating healthier habits, in order to improve my mental health. The reason I wanted to talk about this was help anyone else out there that may have gone through a similar experience. It’s so easy to from the top of the world to rock bottom, especially when you have mental health issues.

I like to be 100% honest on this blog, I like to tell you when I’ve had both positive and negative experiences because I’m not going to sugarcoat weight loss, nor mental health issues. I’m not perfect — I’m human. I have ups and downs. But I try to learn from my negative experiences and I hope that by sharing them, they help other people.

Even if that does sound cliche.

Just when it comes to MC4r, my experience isn’t a straight line. It’s kind of a twisted map of roundabouts. I never really know where I am but I learn a lot along the way.


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