Finding the diet that works for you and sticking with it

The other week I started to write a post and part way through I lost myself, and stopped. I felt like I was just writing aimlessly and that’s not my style so in good conscious couldn’t publish it.

I will address that I’ve changed my web address, simple answer; I’m trying to save some money so I downgraded my plan. But this blog is still me, my thoughts and it’s purpose to raise awareness about genetic weight disorders has not changed nor will it ever.

In the past I’ve spoken about how I’ve tried a number of diets and none of them have ever worked for me. It’s why I tend not to promote them, and it also why I say if you are going to diet find what works for you. When it comes to dieting there is so much out there and so many theories about what food we should eat and when we should eat it and what we should and shouldn’t eat – it’s confusing.

Most of the time diets fail because they can’t be maintained. We have these unrealistic expectations whereby cutting out foods like pasta, and having cheat days will somehow help us reach a goal weight. But when we don’t see results we give up.

When you have a genetic disorder on top of that, it can be even harder. Let me clarify something; I’m not shaming any weight loss journey. It is hard, period. Physically and mentally, regardless if you have a genetic disorder or not. All I’m saying is when you have a genetic disorder there is an extra level you have to overcome.

The one thing I could never get my head around was the concept that weight loss is generally “75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.” Especially as someone with MC4r. My entire life has mostly been dominated by food, so I always believed that exercise was the answer. I’ve talked about I would obsessively exercise to the point I’d make myself sick, it’s not a secret. I could blame myself for this, but I’ve spent too much of my life doing that already. What I think it comes down to is the fact that the market is saturated with TOO MUCH information that we as the public just don’t know what to believe.

I’m not an expert and I’m not here to give weight loss advice. But, I’ve mentioned a few times how I’m never found a diet that works for myself as someone MC4r. However at the beginning of the year I decided to try one more time. I’d heard about something called intermittent fasting and I dismissed it as another fad diet. However, it kept coming back around; and you know what phones are like these days you only have to Google something once or say the word once and you start getting targeted ads – which is exactly what happened. This is normally really annoying, but this time I’m actually grateful because it kept the idea fresh in my mind and prompted a response.

I never thought I’d ever try another “diet” but this one works for me and I’m really happy that I gave it a chance. I’m not here to promote it. It is not my place to give this type of weight loss advice. It’s been six months and I’ve thought seriously for those six months on whether or not I should talk about this diet. As I said earlier — find what works for you. Intermittent fasting, apparently works for me. In six months I’ve managed to lose a stone (I’ve averaged 1kg a month) which is the fasted I’ve ever lost weight since I was 16 where I’ve solely focused on diet with minimal exercise (2-3 times a week). I finally understand the 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise ratio. It’s a diet that fits into my working life which is why I’ve managed to maintain it and I even though I still get nervous to step on the scales, but I feel like I’m in a good place.

My point is not to get you on the intermittent fasting band wagon. My point is it took me 10 years but I found a diet that works for me. Don’t give up. My hope for you is that you’ll find the answer sooner than I did.

For anyone on a weight loss journey or just starting one, don’t give up. Find what works for you and stick with it. If it’s too hard to maintain — it’s not the one.


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