My experience with intermittent fasting

I originally wasn’t going to talk about this but I’ve mentioned intermitted fasting a few times now. I don’t like the idea of promoting a diet so I’m going to do my best to not sound like I am.

Over the years I’ve tried many diets from not eating carbs to keto and more; in the end, they’re not for me or sustainable.

Around Christmas time 2021 I heard a few people talking about intermitted fast and googled it to see what it was. Thereafter, social media does what it does best and curated all my ads… the more I was exposed to the idea the more I became curious.

Anyway, I thought it can’t do much harm to give it a try and see what happens.

Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating on a regular schedule.

Many diets focus on what to eat, but intermittent fasting is all about when you eat.

I started my intermitted fasting journey in January. I thought it was going to really hard to fast, especially as someone who is always hungry! However, I was surprised at how easy it was.

I chose the 16:8 diet, this means I fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8 hour period. Essentially I was giving up one meal a day, and I chose breakfast. Normally I love breakfast and wouldn’t give it up for anything but as of late I haven’t been enjoying it, and it’s felt like more of a “routine.”

Intermitted fasting allows you to eat anything you want during your eating period. This is something I love about the diet, most diets are so restricting and like know that once I can eat I can eat what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I have MC4r so I still eat within reason – but if I really really want a doughnut, I have a doughnut without feeling bad about it. Sometimes I might even have two.

The fast period can at times be restricting if you read too much into the “diet”. There is a contradicting information all over the place. Some websites say you can only have 50 calories during your fasting period, others say to stick with water, black coffee and if you are hungry to have vegetables with a high water count like cucumber.

Me… Even though I’m not having breakfast I have to have a cup of tea on a morning, with milk. I also take a travel mug with a second cup to work so that just over 50 calories. It’s not affected any weight loss. So if you’re worried about anything you read about the fasting period I’d taking it with a pinch of salt.

There are time where I have been hungry during the fasting period; if I get to a point where I feel sick or dizzy I will break my fast. Health comes first!

I also suffer with migraines, sometimes when the pain is unbearable I’ll also break my fast. This is because for some bizarre reason – sugar helps.

Im saying this because you don’t have to stick with the fast 24/7. The reason I believe it’s work for me is because I don’t think of it as a “diet.” I truly think of it as a lifestyle. As a lifestyle I don’t put restrictions on it that’s prevent me from living.

For me intermitted fasting is like a day-to-day guide that I apply to eating and a guide doesn’t need to be followed all the time.

As I mentioned in my last post I have lost weight; 11kg since the beginning of the year when I started fasting. I started losing weight before I came off my contraceptive so I know the fasting does have something to do with it, but I also can’t dismiss the contraceptive as a factor.

But as someone who use to lose a kg and put it on again and stay in this ongoing cycle for months. The joy I feel to consistently be losing the pounds is unreal.

I would like to say, I’m not promoting a diet. I’m just talking about my experience with a diet/lifestyle that has worked for me. Having experienced so many diets that haven’t worked for so long, I’m just happy to have finally had a positive experience.


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