My top 10 favourite dairy-free chocolate treats

When I came off dairy products completely there was a part of me that was devastated. Growing up you become a custom to certain tastes – Cadbury’s, Galaxy and I had just recently started eating pastries and cheesecake and now … Continue reading My top 10 favourite dairy-free chocolate treats

Breakfast: Vegan Pancakes

So for years I have absolutely loved pancakes, and usually I use to just buy premade ones from the shop because it was easier – but then I became intolerance to dairy products. Honestly you’d be surprised how many products on the shelves contain dairy! And I’m not just talking about lactose. When people hear you have an intolerance to dairy products they assume lactose, however, there is also a protein in dairy products that is widely used and it’s one a lot of people, especially people trying to lose weight are familiar with and it’s whey protein. Whey protein … Continue reading Breakfast: Vegan Pancakes